Published on 29 Oct 2020

Quantum Simplicity: A Tour of Complexity Science in a Quantum World

IAS@NTU Discovery Science Seminar by Nanyang Assistant Prof Mile Gu

The webinar was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students' Clubs of SCSE and SPMS. Complexity and quantum science appear to be two fields that bear little relation. Yet, there is growing evidence that in interfacing ideas from quantum and complexity science, we may unveil new perspective in both fields. Nanyang Assistant Prof Mile Gu introduced computational mechanics and illustrated how many processes that require complex classical models may be simulated by remarkably simple quantum devices. He explored the realms of quantum computing in a fair mix of simplicity and scientific rigour, that got the participants intrigued. He covered the basics in the field for the uninitiated, but also left the audience with some serious open-ended questions, that can be in fact answered by future research.

Nandish Chattopadhyay | SCSE Graduate Students’ Club