Published on 16 May 2023

Prof Gao Huajian elected as Fellow of the Royal Society

IAS Distinguished Fellow and NTU Distinguished University Professor Gao Huajian has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, the renowned national academy of sciences in the United Kingdom. Among 80 exceptional researchers awarded the prestigious fellowship in 2023, Prof Gao is the only recipient from a Singapore organisation. Established in 1660, the Royal Society is recognised as the world's oldest scientific academy and it grants lifelong membership through a rigorous peer review process that recognises excellence in science. 

In addition to this prestigious recognition, Prof Gao's remarkable contributions to nanomechanics have garnered him numerous accolades, including the 2021 Timoshenko Medal by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, one of the highest recognitions in the field of applied mechanics. Prof Gao is also the Walter H. Annenberg Emeritus Professor of Engineering at Brown University, and the Scientific Director of the Institute of High-Performance Computing at A*STAR.                       

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Gao!