Published on 18 Aug 2021

My Journey in Research

IAS@NTU STEM Graduate Colloquium by Prof Loh Xian Jun

The colloquium webinar was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students' Clubs of SPMS, EEE and MSE.

Prof Loh Xian Jun, the Executive Director of IMRE, A*STAR, gave a special talk to the NTU student community on 16 August 2021 to share his research journey. During the sharing session, Prof Loh recounted his experience and the knowledge he has earned since he was a high school student and explained how these accumulated fortunes led him to his advanced career. 

He started with his first invention, the hydrothermal gel at the age of 17th. The discovery process inspired him to continue exploring its properties and potential applications alongside his team for many years after. He had been honoured with the National Science Talent Research Presentation Award, which set him on the path he is today. His journey profoundly interpreted “interest” as the most vital driven force for an excellent researcher.

Prof Loh mentioned that although research achievement is irrefutable, networking is meaningful for researchers to link with outstanding people and new opportunities, ‘Don’t neglect your peers, today’s PhD students are tomorrow’s Professor. CEO, TEO, Minister…’ he said. The advice from Proh Loh was truly inspirational, and it would take time to reflect upon his words. 

Li Yun | MSE Graduate Students' Club