Published on 30 Jun 2021

Make Future Smart Batteries

IAS@NTU Discovery Science Seminar by Prof Fan Hongjin

The webinar was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students' Clubs of SPMS, EEE and MSE. 

It came at a time where there is an ever-growing interest and demand for energy storage solutions, which all the more showcase the relevancy of these seminar topics to our daily activities. During the webinar, we have learnt more about the recent advances for both Zinc-ion and Sodium-ion batteries, which has the greatest potential to takeover lithium-ion batteries for secondary energy storage. Prof Fan has brought out his passion on energy storage during this webinar through his explanation of the battery fundamentals, exciting electrochemical processes ongoing during the cycling of the batteries. A major takeaway is the existence of various type of batteries, such as different types of Zinc batteries (Zinc-ion, Zinc-air, Zinc-Mn flow battery, and others). This shows the technological advancement for secondary energy storage and there is an energy solution that can be used for each application.

It is also heartening to see numerous researchers and students being interested in this webinar and asking Prof Fan some interesting questions! This webinar definitely provides a glimpse into the near future of a world of beyond lithium-ion batteries technologies that could dominate the secondary energy storage sector.

Ernest Tang | MSE Graduate Students' Club