Ong Li Ying, PSMA, AY2018

I first heard of PSMA after i graduated from JC, when I had yet to decide on what I want to major in or what I want as my future career option. Initially, i thought Psychology would be an interesting major to read, but at the same time i was also worried about how competitive the course and career as a psychologist/psychiatrist could be in the future.

I then chanced upon the PSMA combination, and learnt about how the demand for data analysts has become higher than it has ever been in this digital age. Furthermore, this programme is offered as a double-major combination, that is to say it isn’t as academically demanding as a double-degree would be.

Yet it offers a diverse set of skills for the undergraduates through a mix of modules from the social sciences as well as communications.

Ong Li Ying, PSMA AY2017