Hear from our students

Jonathan Soh_ECPP AY2016

I chose ECPP as I believed it would equip me with the quantitative and qualitative skills I required to work effectively in the field of public policy and help make a difference to the lives of others by finding the best solutions to society’s problems.

Jonathan Soh, ECPP AY2016 (Graduated)

Ooi Guan Lin, ECMA, AY2019

I have been searching something that is relevant in the working world and something that I will be able to take away a lot from. Economics and Media Analytics speaks to me hence I decided to have a try on this as analytics is the jam in the real world now.

Ooi Guan Lin, ECMA AY2019


Tay Kai Jun, ECPP, AY2020

For the simple, direct reason that NTU’s Double Major programme offered the specific major combination (ECPP) which I was looking for – a combination that was the best fit for myself, based on my goals and my prospective future career.

Tay Kai Jun, ECPP AY2020

As junior college drew to an end, we students were faced with the difficult decision of deciding what we wanted to pursue, what subject best suited us and what passions we would, by extension, have to set aside. Coming from an art’s school background, I had wanted to discover more about art and its history, to approach it with an academic standpoint. However, I did not want to neglect my love of literature, a subject that brought me so much joy to study.

So, when I heard about NTU’s Double Major English Literature and Art History programme, I immediately knew that this was the course for me. The DM programme provided me with the opportunity to continue studying the literature I so loved while pursuing art history, to have a foot in the familiar and the unknown.

Sophie-Isabelle Tan Lee Ann, ELAH AY2017

Terisha Tan, ELAH, AY2018

NTU was the only school offering this full Art History major and NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media is the only one among the six public universities to offer a Fine Arts programme. I like this specific Art History programme because of its focus on media histories and Asian art.

Terisha Tan, ELAH AY2018

Liow Jia Jie_PSLM AY2017

I chose to read a double major in Psychology and Linguistics because I was keenly interested in speech and language as a field of study. I think the double major really presented me with an opportunity to approach the topic from as many vantage points as possible.

Liow Jia Jie, PSLM AY2017

Tan Yi Xin Elinorre, PSLM, AY2017

Although there were other factors that influenced my final decision to join NTU’s DM Programme, with regards to the programme itself I liked that both majors are given equal emphasis. At the time when I was applying, other universities did not offer double majors yet. Given my equal interest in both subject areas, the DM curriculum structure fit me better than opting for a second major, where more focus is placed on your primary major. I was initially worried about the workload, however the seniors I talked to assured me that it was manageable. There was also the option to change to a single major within the first academic year if I really had trouble managing.

Tan Yi Xin Elinorre, PSLM AY2017

I knew about PSLM when I was looking through NTU’s course directory. It stood out to me at once as I was surprised that such a combination for double major exists!

Only NTU has psychology and linguistics as a double major (for local universities). I was interested in studying the convergence and interplay of human behaviour and language, so it seemed like the most apparent choice for me to make.

Chen Ying Jie, PSLM AY2018

I chose this programme because of the well-rounded scope it provides; language and the mind are very interconnected, and language, a crucial element of human culture and being, plays a vital role in one’s psychological wellbeing a well. It was a combination not offered in other schools and felt more applicable to what I want to do in future – which is art therapy, and possible, speech therapy.

Thng Ai Wei, PSLM AY2018

Ong Li Ying, PSMA, AY2018

I first heard of PSMA after i graduated from JC, when I had yet to decide on what I want to major in or what I want as my future career option. Initially, i thought Psychology would be an interesting major to read, but at the same time i was also worried about how competitive the course and career as a psychologist/psychiatrist could be in the future.

I then chanced upon the PSMA combination, and learnt about how the demand for data analysts has become higher than it has ever been in this digital age. Furthermore, this programme is offered as a double-major combination, that is to say it isn’t as academically demanding as a double-degree would be.

Yet it offers a diverse set of skills for the undergraduates through a mix of modules from the social sciences as well as communications.

Ong Li Ying, PSMA AY2017