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For the double major programme, the weightage of both majors is equal. There is also the opportunity to do an interdisciplinary FYP during your final year. Both majors will be reflected in the same degree certificate.

For a second major programme, the weightage of the second major is lesser than your primary major. You will only be able to attempt ​the FYP of your primary major. The second major will be conferred in a separate degree certificate from your primary major.

Double Major Programme is a set of specially curated combinations. You can think of these as “set meals”. We have put together six different combinations of double major after consulting widely with the industry and other established universities to ensure the combinations’ relevance and academic rigor.

As of now CoHASS offers 16 double major combinations. For other combinations that are not offered, you may consider the second major track instead.

The AUs to fulfill for a single major programme is 125/128 AUs. The AUs to fulfill for a double major programme is 138 AUs. It is only 4 more modules, which is manageable over a 4-year candidature.

SINGLE MAJOR = 125/128 AUs

SECOND MAJOR = 135-138 AUs


The double major is designed to complement each other. You will gain expertise in two academic areas and will encourage multidisciplinary educational and intellectual focus.

The employability is correspondingly higher too for future graduates of the double major programme. Students will be better prepared for an increasingly multi-focused Singapore, and international employment market.

Double Major students belong to both schools. However, for the conferment of degree and other administrative matters, you will only have one academic school.

School of Humanities (BA):

1. English Literature & Art History
2. Psychology and Linguistics & Multilingual Studies
3. 10 new SoH Double Major combinations

School of Social Sciences (BSocSci):

1. Economics & Media Analytics
2. Economics & Psychology
3. Economics and Public Policy & Global Affairs
4. Psychology and Media Analytics

The academic team in CoHASS will coordinate and deconflict the class schedules of the core and compulsory major prescribed electives courses to ensure students can clear them by Year 2.​

Yes, you may consider declaring a minor after completing sufficient Broadening & Deepening Electives (BDEs).

Yes. Invitation to the programme is dependent on your academic results of Year 1. URECA office will send an invitation to students who meet the requirement after the release of Year 1 Sem 2 results.

For more information on URECA, you may refer to this link.

Yes, you may. You need to submit a request for the Change of Programme. This is subject to the approval and acceptance of the intended programme. However, if your intended programme is one of your double majors, chances of disapproval are low.


If you have further enquiries, please contact:

Elaine Chua
Assistant Director, Double Major Programme
Tel: +65 6513 8659
Email: [email protected]