Short Term Internship for Non NTU students 

Full-time matriculated overseas students who wish to do a short-term project in the College of Computing and Data Science (CCDS) must source for their own CCDS professors to supervise them during their internship period. Students may access our academia via this link.

  1. Application must be made at least 3 months before the commencement of the period of the internship.
  2. Students are not eligible for any on-campus accommodation and should seek for off-campus housing.
  3. School does not provide any financial or other support to students. Fees will be charged according to NTU guidelines. Full-time students from our partner universities, with whom we have established bi-lateral student exchange agreements, are not liable for the tuition fees but other miscellaneous fees such as medical fees, insurance fees, etc. are payable. Applicants will be informed if such MOUs exist. More information on the fees and expenses are listed in the Important Notes below.
  1. Students should complete the NTU online application. (remember to choose the correct category – Non-exchange/ Fee-paying)
  2. Students will receive an acknowledge email after submission.   Do take note of item #2 of the acknowledgement email.  Download and fill out the endorsement form, thereafter send the completed form to [email protected]
  3. You are required to attach the followings with your online application.
    • your most recent passport-size passport-sized photo taken in a white backdrop
    • your official university transcript in English (reflecting all courses taken)
    • the bio-data page of your latest passport
  4. For more information on Visiting Research Students (Non-Graduating Non-Exchange), all inbound students are required to pay the fees to NTU please click HERE