The Student Mentoring Scheme has been implemented in all NTU schools. Specifically, the objectives of the Scheme are:

  • To establish rapport and promote interaction between students and academic staff
  • To provide a channel of feedback from students especially on academic matters
  • To keep students informed about university matters and other pertinent development and
  • To help students with subject choices, registration of subjects and career guidance

The College of Computing and Data Science’s Academic Mentoring Scheme is coordinated by the Associate Chair (Students) Assoc Prof Quek Hiok Chai and assisted by the Senior Assistant Manager (Students and Alumni) Mr Muhammad Nashruddiin.

The Scheme complements the service provided by hall counsellors and the professional counsellors at the NTU Student Wellbeing Centre. The Student Wellbeing Centre provides free confidential and professional service to all students of the university. Details available at this website.

An academic mentor is assigned to all students who are admitted into the school.


Every new student will be assigned an academic staff as your academic mentor throughout your course of study. You will be informed of your mentor via your NTU email account at the beginning of the semester. You can also login to Student Intranet to view your mentor’s information. Your mentor is here to give you advice on academic related matters. You should provide your contact and next-of-kin contact information to your mentor at the first meeting for subsequent communication and should the need arises in emergencies. Many important announcements are made through your NTU email account and so you should check and maintain your email account regularly.