In the curriculum structure at NTU, all Engineering students must successfully complete one of the internship programme before their graduation.

The purposes of the internship programme are to supplement NTU's in-house practical professional training and to lessen the on-the-job training of these students when they graduate. It is also to instil the right kind of work attitude and work professionalism, so that they can become effective and productive to their respective organisations much sooner than is usual for fresh graduates. 

 Professional InternshipEnhanced Professional InternshipProfessional Attachment
Course Code (AU) SC3079 (10 AU)
SD3079 (10 AU)
CE/CZ3179 (10 AU)
SC3180 (15 AU)
CE/CZ3180 (15 AU)
SC3026 (5 AU)
CE/CZ3126 (5 AU)

Period 20 weeks
[Jan – Jun] or
[Jul – Dec]
30 weeks
[Jan ‐ Aug]
10 weeks
[May ‐ Jul]
Programme Type ALL ALL except DSAI, Double Degree, Second Major Students Double Degree, CN Yang Scholars (Default)
Second Major Students, Poly Exempted Students from CSC/CE Programme
(Optional Choice)
Source for Placement Self-sourced by Student OR via Career & Attachment Office
Self-sourced by Student OR
Upon request by company
Self-sourced by Student OR via Career & Attachment Office
Additional Information For all types of internships (PI, EPI or PA), students will need to upload 3
e-journals, all of which will be assessed by the relevant NTU CCDS Faculty.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Year 3 standing
  • Completed 4 semesters of study


Assessment of Students

Participating organisation is required to assign a supervisor, to supervise the student and assess his/her work performance during the internship. Students will also be assessed by NTU faculty member.


Allowance and Working Hours

The allowance to be paid to the student will be determined by the organisation. As a guide, organisations are paying S$1000 to S$1500 per month (CPF exempted) for internship in Singapore. This subsistence allowance paid to students to meet his/her daily expenses and board and lodging (in the case of foreign student) is not liable to income tax in Singapore, as long as there is no employment contract between the student and the participating organisation.  Students will follow the normal office working hours of the organisation.  For overseas internship, students are normally paid according to the industrial norms in the country of internship.



Students are insured against industrial hazards or accidents through a Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme arranged by NTU. The University has also taken up a Public Liability Policy Insurance to indemnify organisations against claims and damages arising because of an act committed by NTU students in the course of the internship.


Certificate of Accomplishment

Upon completion of the internship programme, students will be awarded Certificates of Accomplishment, jointly signed by the Director of Career & Attachment Office, NTU and a nominated representative of the organisation.


Contact Person

For general academic enquiries (e.g. AU adjustments) regarding PA/PI, please contact CCDS Undergraduate at [email protected]

For enquiries on PA/PI timeline, placement, self-sourced internships, please contact NTU Career & Attachment Office at [email protected]