Laboratories and Research Centres

Formal experimental work and project work of undergraduate students are carried out in the teaching laboratories listed below.
Hardware Laboratories
  1. Hardware Projects
  2. Hardware Lab 1
  3. Hardware Lab 2
  4. Hardware Lab 3
Software Laboratories
  1. Software Projects  
  2. Software Lab 1
  3. Software Lab 2
  4. Software Lab 3 *

*Academic Partnership Program
Visual Paradigm supports Nanyang Technological University with UML tools and ERD tools under the Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program.

Some of the undergraduates' experimental work are carried out in the research centres listed below.

  1. Health Informatics Lab (HIL)
  2. Computational Intelligence Lab (CIL)
  3. Computer Networks and Communications Lab (CNCL)
  4. Cyber Security Lab (CSL)
  5. Data Management and Analytics Lab (DMAL)
  6. Hardware & Embedded Systems Lab (HESL)
  7. Innovation Lab (I-Lab)
  8. Multimedia and Interactive Computing Lab (MICL)
  9. Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab (PDCL)
  10. Research Centre of Excellence in Active Living for the Elderly (LILY)
  11. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (AMD)


The IT Support and Maintenance Unit supports the infrastructure of both Teaching Laboratories as well as the Research Laboratories & Centre.

IT Support and Maintenance Unit

  1. E-Learning Services
  2. IT Support & Maintenance Unit