Adjunct/Visiting Faculty

PhotoName, Prof. Qual. & ContactResearch Interests
Ang Kai Keng (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BASc MPhil PhD Nan. Tech. Email: [email protected]
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Neural Signal Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Fuzzy Neural Systems
Hung Gih Guang@Terence (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BS (Computer Engineering, Highest Honors & Bronze Tablet) MS (Electrical Engineering) PhD (Electrical Engineering) UIUC Email: [email protected]
  • High Performance Computing
  • Grid/Utility/Cloud Computing
  • Application Performance Analysis and Optimization
Kang Meng Chow (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
MSc University of London, PhD Southern Cross University Email: [email protected]
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Information Security Professional Practices
  • Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Regional Development (Asia)
Li Xiaoli (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MEng Shanxi U China, PhD ICT Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: [email protected]
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Web and Text Mining
Lim Joo Hwee (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MSc NU Singapore, PhD UNSW Email: [email protected]
  • Content-Based Image/Video Retrieval
  • Scene/Object Recognition
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Cognitive Vision
Sarit Kraus
PhD The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Computer Science
Email: [email protected]
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Agent Interaction
  • Multi-agent Systems
Tan Puay Siew (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BEng NUS, MEng PhD Nan. Tech. Email: [email protected]
  • Meta-heuristics Algorithms for Complex Systems
  • Cyber-physical Systems
  • Context-aware Services
Xu Chi (Adjunct Asst Prof)
BEng PhD (EEE), Nan. Tech. Email: [email protected]
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Data-driven Decision Support for Enterprise and Supply Chain Applications
  • Information Management for Supply Chain Track and Trace
Kwong Yuk Wah (Adjunct Prof)
  • Domain Related AI
  • Data Science
  • Fintech Areas
  • AI Ethics
Michael Kasper  (Adjunct Assoc Prof)

  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Resilence and Readiness
  • Artificial Intelligence
Prof Cai Jianfei  (Visiting Prof)
  • Visual Computing
  • Computer Vision
  • VIsion and Language
  • 3D imaging and Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Multimedia
Prof Feng Lei  (Visiting Prof)
  • Machine Learning