Programme Experience

The Nanyang MBA has a deep focus on leadership, international exposure and real-world application. In addition to the 9 core courses and 4 electives, the programme consists of these key components:

Leading People Globally embarks on leadership as a key interpersonal process and presents you the opportunity to understand your competencies through activities and case studies. It enhances your negotiation and leadership talent management skills. Finally, it nurtures cultural intelligence and your ability to respond well to dynamic business environments.

Strategy Projects At Nanyang (SPAN) gives participants the opportunity to work a "live" consulting project with a sponsor company that may come from a variety of industry sectors. With guidance from faculty supervisors, you will get to apply classroom lessons to real world projects, ranging from market opportunity analysis to industry best practice benchmarking and customer intelligence.

Business Study Mission (BSM) provides the platform for the practical applications of the knowledge gained from the core courses and electives, by visiting overseas companies, meeting and engaging the top executives of said firms.

Participants also get to apply the knowledge gained at Business Case Competitions​. ​​​

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