About the Programme

As a premier business school within a leading technological university, NBS is the nexus of world-class innovation, research, and business education.

Innovate for the future

Situated within the tech and innovation ecosystem of the renowned Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, we are uniquely placed to collaborate with industry to create and share knowledge on how cutting-edge technologies can be leveraged in every domain of business to accelerate enterprise transformation and shifts towards a smart economy.

We envision and advocate the use of technology to address future business and societal challenges such as urban sustainability, resilient supply chains, and healthcare and ageing. Simply put, we equip senior business leaders with the know-how to stay relevant and innovate for the future.

Lead with impact

We bring together NBS’ expertise in leadership and NTU Singapore’s strengths in science and technology to nurture strategic, entrepreneurial leaders to address the broader issues in business, society, and the environment.

Through our programmes, we develop senior leaders who possess a greater sense of purpose to transform the status quo, forge new paths, create value, and deliver impact wherever they are.

Transform with cultural dexterity

Located in Singapore, we are at the heart of an East-West amalgamation of culture and business. Our programmes hold the best that both worlds offer.

Our strong Asian heritage is complemented by our world-class faculty, as well as deep business insights grounded by research in cultural intelligence, Asian consumer psychology, and the emerging markets in ASEAN.

At NBS, globally minded business leaders are imbued with the cultural dexterity to succeed in dynamic Asia and beyond.