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Dynamic Classroom Experience With A Career-Friendly Format   

The Nanyang EMBA is delivered in 6 segments across thirteen months, with each segment lasting 1 – 2 weeks. Classes are conducted from 9am to 6pm daily during each segment. This format allows you to fully immerse yourself in all aspects of the EMBA experience, from learning to networking, with minimal disruption to your career.

Be ready to engage in a robust, experiential, and collaborative classroom experience. We employ various teaching and assessment methods, including group work, assignments, and case studies that ground your learning in the real world, enabling you to apply what you learn immediately and make an impact in your organisation.

The diversity and seniority of your fellow participants will also expose you to a wealth of different industry and cultural perspectives. This is a unique opportunity to step beyond what you know share ideas and best practices and challenge your thinking in journey of leadership transformation.


International Immersions  

To successfully manage business in today’s global digital economy, it is critical to understand the cultural and inherent distinctions between the two largest economies, the United States and China. 

Being situated in the heart of Asia’s growth hub of Singapore, the Nanyang EMBA immerses you in classes at two of the most prestigious universities in these economic powerhouses – the University of California, Berkeley, and Tsinghua University. Both universities are at the forefront of research and education in technology, innovation, and leadership, providing an unrivalled environment to expand your global perspectives in these areas, gain insight into the digital acceleration strategies shaping the future, and hone your cultural dexterity for the hyperconnected world. 


Impactful Networks 

When you join the Nanyang EMBA, you will have access to our EMBA alumni community and the entire Nanyang Business School and NTU Singapore global network, plugging you into a powerful source of connections and opportunities. 

Our cutting-edge programme draws on the expertise of NTU’s network of world-class research centres, which are blazing trails in digital transformation, cultural intelligence, emerging markets, and Asian consumer psychology – areas of interdisciplinary knowledge that successful leaders must possess. You, too, can take full advantage of this rich resource, whether to shape company strategy or advance your professional growth. 




Olive Yeoh
Class of 2017 
Associate Partner, Tax

I started the EMBA journey with high expectations and I must say the programme has met my expectations and beyond. The professors were exceptional, pushing us beyond the boundaries of our traditional thought process, guiding us through a variety of challenging and interesting business topics and case studies, opening our minds to multiple perspectives and helping us develop new competencies. The programme has been intense and it did seem almost impossible to combine work, family and studies, but I did it and it was worth every bit of my sacrifice.

Dr Koh Hau-Tek
Class Of 2016 
Healthcare Management Executive And Medical Director
Raffles Medical Group

The specific modules allow me to apply the principles of management in the healthcare industry, and correlate that to skills of diagnostics and problem solving, helping me tremendously to develop into not only a better medical doctor, but also a more effective healthcare administrator.

Chris Lloyd
Class Of 2016 
Vice President Marketing
Lease Corporation International

Although I've just embarked on the programme, I'm already seeing the benefits from the course as well as the wide network which is already bringing me new business.

Jessica Dourcy
Class Of 2019 
Global Head Of HR
Palo IT, Singapore

You fully grasp the meaning of exponential learning while going through this programme. It will shatter your certainties, change your perspective on agile leadership and it will make you a strategic human-centric business partner.

Bill Zorlutuna
Class Of 2019 
VP Sales, Marketing & Business Development, APAC
Parker Hannifin

The journey with NTU has been fantastic, so much so that my personal development and additional workplace contributions were instantly evident to my company who have been incredibly supportive and indeed promoted me to Vice President Asia Pacific mid-way through the programme!

Diana The
Class Of 2013 
Chief Counsel APAC, Middle East & Africa

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, to do an EMBA with Nanyang Business School, with modules that were conducted in Wharton Business School as well as Haas School of Business in the US. It boosted my career trajectory. Having a class that was diverse in culture and industry definitely made learning more enriching and inspiring for us.

Brendon Lam
Class Of 2019 
Deputy Director
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

The immersive experiences in the course have expanded the way I see things, the way I lead and the way I operate. With the EMBA journey drawing to a close, I look forward to applying my newfound capabilities to lead my teams toward new peaks of excellence.

Junko Kimura
Class Of 2018 
Senior IT Director
Johnson And Johnson Pte Ltd

The Nanyang EMBA offers good opportunities for us to interact with senior level people who are very insightful. The programme has allowed me to have a new perspective on important issues and challenges and most importantly, I enjoyed this learning journey.



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