Data Analytics Specialisation – Give Yourself Another Edge

MSc Accountancy students having a project discussion

Technology is rapidly reshaping the finance and accounting landscape. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, together with the automation of routine tasks, has brought significant change to accounting and audit processes, allowing accounting professionals to focus their attention on higher-level work. 

These disruptions to the accounting ecosystem require accounting professionals who are adept at bridging data and accounting to navigate the challenges and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. There isn’t a more exciting time to launch or accelerate a career in accounting.

Programme Calendar

Students who wish to take up this specialisation will continue with an additional trimester upon completion of the MSc Accountancy (MACC) curriculum.  This specialisation comprises five compulsory courses:

  • Designing and Developing Databases
  • Analytics: Visual and Predictive Techniques
  • AI in Accounting and Finance
  • Audit Analytics
  • Blockchain for Business

For module descriptions, please refer to Module Information.  Upon successful completion of this specialisation, the specialisation will be reflected in the academic transcript. 

MSc Accounting Data Analytics Specialisation Programme Structure