Career Journey

Embark on a journey of equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills for that new role, a leadership position, or setting up your business, with the confidence that the Career Office journeys with you. 


Daisuke Maruyama, Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020 Managing Director, Head of Global Planning Department MUFG Bank, Ltd.

I appreciate the kind support and guidance given by the Career Office in helping me think through my career plan. In this regard, the personal career coaching sessions were eye-opening moments for me.  I also gained valuable industry insights from attending workshops and networking events, and these made me a better contributor to my current employer. 

Daisuke Maruyama
Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020
Managing Director, Head of Global Planning Department MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Journey with Us

As with the start of all journeys, we help you ask the right questions of yourself. This so that you can build or affirm that end goal which excites you. Through a combination of self-help tools, workshops, and counselling, we work to help you discover your strengths, passions, and goals, and how to package yourself.

Workshops topics include personal branding, resume reviews, interview tips, networking hacks, and how to stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

A workshop organised by the Graduate Studies Career Development Office to help graduate students sharpen their personal brand and image.
Muhammad Taufiqullah Assyaukani, Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021

I joined NBS with the main objective of effecting a career switch from the FMCG to the technology sector. Prior to the start of the programme, I had little expectation of the Career Office but have since been amazed at the support I have received.

 The career counsellors from the Career Office helped me validate my strengths and the skills sets I bring to my next role. They also helped connect me with internship opportunities to get early exposure into the technology sector. Overall, the guidance from the Career Office has been a great help in my pursuit of turning my dream into reality.

Muhammad Taufiqullah Assyaukani
Nanyang Fellows MBA Class of 2021 


After knowing what you want and what you offer, we work with you to understand what is in the market.  The career counsellors in our Career Office work tirelessly with employers to stay connected with developments in industries and bring jobs or internship opportunities to you.  These are done through events such as talks on industry trends by employers and sharing of personal journeys by our alumni.


Students at a Career Services talk featuring employers from the consulting industry.
Apurv Chaturvedi, Nanyang MBA Class of 2021

Along with connecting the cohort to potential recruiters, the Career Office has been highly instrumental in my personal development through one-to-one interactions, mock interviews and branding workshops. The most touching attribute is the fact that the team is always available for me when I need them. Kudos to the never-sleeping career counsellors in the team! 

Apurv Chaturvedi
Nanyang MBA Class of 2021 

Knowing what you want and what it’s like in the market, it’s time to plan your approach and put the plan into action. Apart from advising you on your plan of approach, the Career Office actively connects you to people in their network who can help bring you one step closer to your goal.

Event with recruiters organised by Career Office for graduate students.
Joy Hu Jiabei, MSc Accountancy Class of 2020

The team in the Career Office was incredibly helpful in my career journey. Through a combination of one-to-one sessions, attendance at workshops and participation at networking events, I learnt to refine my CV, prepare for job interviews, and package my core competencies to appeal to hiring managers.

 Above all, I appreciate how my career counsellor was able to create a safe, non-judgemental space for me during counselling sessions. This allowed me to explore and unearth my true career aspirations, for which I am truly thankful. The self-discovery also helped me understand the importance of being honest to oneself and to others, and this is a value which I believe would help me as I progress in my career journey. 

Joy Hu Jiabei
MSc Accountancy Class of 2020
Audit Assistant, Deloitte Singapore


Graduation is an exciting time, and the Careers team celebrates this journey with you, staying connected long after you have walked through our corridors.


Career Office celebrating with students at the completion of their NBS journey.
Gibson Tan, Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020

I committed myself to the Nanyang Professional MBA journey with NBS to enhance my business acumen and arm myself with tools to tackle the increasingly VUCA world.  To my delight, NBS gave me so much more! 

The Career Office supplemented my pursuit for knowledge with offerings to help boost my professional presence.  I was assigned a personal career coach who helped crystallise my career thoughts. On top of that, I also had a sector consultant who provided insights into the opportunities offered by the company I was interested in. Through the personalised guidance, I successfully secured a job with the company of my choice.

Gibson Tan
Nanyang Professional MBA Class of 2020
Business Development Specialist, Chevron Corporation 


Unsure about what you want? Immerse yourself in the culture of selected organisations through full-time internships, from July to December. Get to know what organisations offer and in turn, gain a foothold into the organisation of your choice through an internship.

Speak to our career counsellors to learn more about internships.


Students discussing project work