Digital Transformation

Discover how digital technology is transforming workflows, data management and decision making. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to automate workflow, provide better insights and assist in predicting trends and formulating new strategies to drive results. 
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Business Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Acquire the essential skills of converting operational data within your organisation into valuable insights to aid decision making, business planning and identifying revenue-generating opportunities. Through practical hands-on sessions, learn to organize and extract value from data to address organisational issues and develop new solutions.

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AI and Analytics for Business Valuation and Finance

AI and Analytics for Business Valuation and Finance

Understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics can be applied to draw insights and help you make better business valuation decisions in the accounting and finance context. Through real case studies and hands-on sessions, you will gain a better understanding of AI and its applications, basic AI programming, the process of developing AI solutions and be ready to explore the adoption of such technologies at your workplace.

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