After Hours Conduct

Conduct for Student Use of School Building 10:30pm-8:30am (‘After Hours’)

1.      Introduction:

1.1.  The management of the School of Art, Design & Media (ADM) permits students to have access to the premises on a ‘24 hours’ basis. This means that once classes have ceased in the evening, students can stay on and work in certain areas (common spaces, labs, studios, unlocked teaching rooms), or arrive later to work during the night.

1.2.  Students permitted to use ADM between 10:30pm and 8:30am (“after hours”) include:

a.     All BFA students

b.     Post-graduate students supervised by ADM faculty

c.     NTU students currently enrolled in ‘studio’ modules taught in ADM


1.3.  Other NTU students and members of the public are not permitted access after-hours.  Non-ADM NTU staff members are also not permitted access after-hours, except for those who have an official purpose (e.g. patrol by Campus security personnel).

1.4.  We believe it is important for ADM students to have access to space and resources to complete their work on their own schedule. 

1.5.  This access is a privilege and one that should be respected and not abused. Students who enjoy this access have to uphold the community standards of the University as stated in its Student Code of Conduct to ensure that the building remains a conducive environment for all students, faculty and staff.

1.6.  We require students accessing ADM between 10:30pm and 8:30am to observe the additional Conduct (stated in Sections 2 and 3).


2.      Responsibilities:

2.1.  Students accessing ADM after hours should observe the following responsibilities:

a.     Clean up after yourselves. Properly discard litter in the spaces that you use, and do not leave food waste exposed in the building or its immediate surroundings. 

b.     If you move furniture, please ensure it is arranged back the way you found it when your activity is completed.

c.     Switch off lights and properly store all equipment that you use during this time.

d.     If you use any computers, printers, AV equipment, etc, please ensure the equipment is completely shut-down before you leave.

e.     Be considerate and minimize noise levels as there are other users on the premises.  Avoid noisy activities such as playing loud music and screening videos at loud volume.

f.      Sleeping overnight in ADM premises is not allowed. Hence, do not bring beds, mattresses or similar bedding items (e.g. sleeping bags) with the intention of sleeping in ADM overnight.


3.      Security & Safety:                                                          

a.     Ensure all exits and entrances to the building are securely closed after you use them. Do not leave them open or ajar as this creates a security risk.

b.     Do not allow access to the building for non-ADM students after hours. This includes students from other Schools and Colleges, and members of the public. If you observe that non-ADM students who are not enrolled in ADM classes have entered the building, please call Campus Security.

c.     Do not use the space for social gatherings unless they’ve been previously approved by the Administration (Student Club events, etc). This includes spaces in the immediate environs of ADM, such as the Sunken Plaza.

d.     Restrict your activities to the Labs/Spaces you require for your work and the common areas. Do not attempt to gain access to other spaces that are locked, i.e. teaching rooms, offices, etc.

e.     Respect your fellow students. Do not interfere with or antagonize your peers in any way. 

f.      Be vigilant of anybody in the building who misuses the facilities, causes a nuisance or harasses others. If you experience or witness any such behavior you must immediately call Campus Security.

g.     If you notice that a fellow student is in distress please alert campus security.


4.      Useful contact numbers 

4.1.  The following contact numbers will be useful in the event of an emergency:


Types of Emergencies


Contact number

General emergencies

Campus Security

6790 5200

Psychological emergencies

University Wellbeing Centre

9721 1637



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