Project Ideas


Technology and Futuristic Types of ProjectsWalking on Water
360 Degree - 3D Imaging Drone
Integrated 3D Printed Optical Network
Back to the Future: Hoover Board
Next Generation Vehicles
Invisibility illusion with optical tricks
Wireless charging
Space Balloon II
Next generation loudspeakers
Next Generation Nano & Microtechnology
Visible Light Communications
Next Generation car dash camera
Chemistry and Biology related ProjectsQuantum Biology
Micro-chemical reactors
Next Generation DNA Diagnostics
Autonomous Self-Propelled Micromachines
Energy and MachinesSolar Cells
Machines for Energy Conversion
Self contained coring, drilling soft ground
Teaching, Visualization and UnderstandingTeaching Visualization Tools for Sciences and Maths
Mathematical Puzzles
Mathematical Etudes
Thermal Acoustic
Physics of Music
Physics of Amusement Parks
Music from Tesla coil
Solving problems in daily lifeTeaching Visualization Tools for Sciences and Maths
Generating Microbubbles
Combating Dengue, Haze;