Submission of Paper/Abstract


Submission of Paper

Paper must be submitted in the following word file format 4th_IC3DcP_Paper_Template (2) and emailed to: [email protected] by 19 July 2023 (for consideration and publication in Springer Book series).

Note: All papers must be written in English. SI-units should be used. The paper should be eight pages.

Submission of Abstract

Abstracts must be submitted in the following word file format Abstract_template and emailed to: [email protected] by 12 July 2023 (for presentation only)

001Printing parameters design method for spray-based 3D concrete printing technologyXiongfei Liu, Guanyu HouHebei University of Technology
002Pore structure, internal relative humidity, and fiber orientation of 3D printed concrete with polypropylene fiber and their relation with shrinkage Lei Ma, Qing Zhang, Hélène Lombois-Burger, Zijian Jia, Zedi Zhang, Geng Niu, Yamei Zhang Southeast University
003Influence of HPMC and SF on buildability of 3D printing foam concrete: From water state and flocculation point of view Chao Liu, Yamei ZhangSoutheast University
004Accelerating structural build-up of 3D printable cementitious materials by using Ca(NO3)2 solution in the context of set-on-demand printing Yu Chen, Erik Schlangen and Oğuzhan ÇopuroğluDelft University of Technology
005CFD simulation of twin-pipe pumping process for 3D concrete printingYaxin Tao, Geert De Schutter and Kim Van TittelboomGhent University
006Evaluation of the bond behaviour for post-installed reinforcements in 3D printed concrete Qiang Wang, Li Wang, and Guowei Ma Hebei University of Technology
007Effect of magnetic intervention time on the buildability of printable cement and limestone pastes containing Fe3O4 particlesYiyuan Zhang, Karel Lesage, Yi Zhang, Yaxin Tao and Geert De Schutter Ghent University
0083D printed self-healing strain hardening cementitious composite as  permanent formwork for self-repair of structural elementsShan He, Yu Chen, Mladena Luković, Erik SchlangenDelft University of Technology
009Construction Technology of The Curved 'Mars House' Digital Hotel Project in China using Concrete 3D PrintingLIN Xiqiang, WANG Hailong, SUN Xiaoyan, WAEL kikhia, WU Zhennan, LU Lan, ZHAO JiaweiZhejiang University
010Local Stability of Stocky and Slender WAAM Stainless Steel Equal Angle SectionsSiân I. Evans, Fangda Xu and Jie WangUniversity of Bath
011The Improvements of In-situ Polymerization on The Properties of 3D Printed ConcreteLijing Shao, Pan Feng, Qi Liu and Zhaolong LiuSoutheast University
012Hardened Properties of 3D Printing Geopolymer Concrete with Waste Glass PowderKirubajiny Pasupathy , Sayanthan Ramakrishnan, Jay Sanjayan, and Viktor MechtcherineSwinburne University of Technology
013Active Rheological Control for 3D Printed Cement-Based Materials by Temperature: An Exploratory Study Yi Zhang, Kim Van Tittelboom, Geert De Schutter, Zhengwu JiangGhent University
015Set-on-demand Geopolymer for Concrete 3D Printing Using Ternary ActivatorShravan Muthukrishnan, Sayanthan Ramakrishnan and Jay SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
016Bio-inspired Solution to Alleviate Anisotropy of 3D Printing Engineered Cementitious Composites (3DP-ECC): Knitting/Tilting Filaments Wen Zhou, Wes McGee, H. Süleyman Gökçe, Victor C. LiUniversity of Michigan
017Material-structure-performance-manufacturing integrated design method for 3D concrete printingWenwei Yang, Li Wangb, Guowei MaHebei University of Technology
018Digital fabrication of concrete formwork for free-form structures by hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing technologyWenyu Lin, Li WangHebei University of Technology
0193D Printing of Fire Shelter using Ultra-High Performance ConcreteArun R. Arunothayan, Mohammadalmas Surti, Fabian Schneider and Jay G. SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
020Hardened properties of extrusion-based 3D printed polyethylene fibre reinforced engineered cementitious compositesBinrong Zhu, Jinlong Pan Southeast University
021Buildability Enhancement of Hybrid Alkali Activated Cements by Two-part Print Head MixingSayanthan Ramakrishnan, Jay SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
022Application of textile reinforcement for 3D concrete printed structuresAkilesh Ramesh, Pathmanathan Rajeev and Jay SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
023Shearing reinforcement approach for the interfacial bonding between 3D printed concrete formwork and casted concreteJingyuan Guan, Yu Yang, Li WangHebei University of Technology
0243D printable low-carbon concrete with nano-silica pretreated recycled fine aggregatesDengwu Jiao, Xuan Liu, Xianrui Chen, Gordon Leung and Ivan M.L. ShamNano and Advanced Materials Institute, Hong Kong, China
025In-line activation in 3D concrete printing using PCM capsulesSasitharan Kanagasuntharam, Sayanthan Ramakrishnan and Jay SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
026Mechanical behaviour investigation for the Timber-UHPC Shear Connector in 3D printed concrete based composite StructuresXiaoyue Zhang, Wanru Huang and Zhaohui ChenChongqing University
027Influence of Printing Pattern on Bearing Capacities of 3D Printed Concrete Hollow StructuresZhenyue Wang, Zhaohui Chen, Minmao Liao, Junbo Sun, and Xiao SunChongqing University
029Design of a CO2-reduced 3D concrete mixture using circular (clay-based) building materials N.Z. van Hierdena, Q. Yu and F. Gauvin Eindhoven University of Technology
030Interfacial Cracking at Layer and Filament interfaces of 3D Printed Concrete: Experimental and Numerical StudiesWangdui GERONG, Pengfei WANG,Minmao LIAO, Zhaohui CHEN and Junbo SUNChongqing University
0313D printable alkali-activated slag cements with addition of metakaolinXiaodi DAI, Yaxin TAO and Geert DE SCHUTTERGhent University
0323D Printed Concrete with Coarse Aggregates: Built‒in‒Stirrup Permanent Concrete Formwork for Reinforced Columns Yidong Chen, Yunsheng Zhang, Wenhua Zhang, Zhiyong Liu and Cheng LiuSoutheast University
033Quick Nozzle Mixing Technology for 3D Concrete PrintingNan Zhang, Jay SanjayanSwinburne University of Technology
0343D Printable Low-Carbon Concrete Incorporating Waste Glass PowderShin Hau Bong and Hongjian DuNational University of Singapore
035Impact of Water to Solids Ratio on Stability, Printability, and Mechanical Characteristics of 3D Printable Foam ConcreteUday Boddepalli, Biranchi Panda and Indu Siva Ranjani GandhiIndian Institute of Technology Guwahati
036Experimental study of the hybrid additive manufacture of the concrete extrusion and the fused ABS depositionXiangpeng CAO and Hongzhi CUIShenzhen University
037Research on the crack propagation mode and bending performance of 3D printing Engineered Cementitious Composite (3DP-ECC)Yilin Pi, Cong Lu, Baoshan Li, Junhui ZhouSoutheast University
038The effect of the printing process on the mechanical properties of 3D printed strain-Hardening cementitious composites (3DP-SHCC)Anne Linde van Overmeir, Branko Šavija, F.P. Bos and E. SchlangenDelft University of Technology
039Effects of Printing Parameters and Curing Condition on Durability 3D Printed ConcreteYangyunzhi Gao and Hongjian DuNational University of Singapore
040Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Composites Reinforced with 3D Printed Lattices: Experiment and ModelingYading Xu, Branko ŠavijaDelft University of Technology
041Using Machine Learning to Predict the Buildability of 3D Concrete PrintingHao Zhang and Hongjian DuNational University of Singapore
042Thermal Performance of 3D-printed Concrete WallRuiqing Liu and Hongjian DuNational University of Singapore
0433D Printing of Tubular Connectors for Space Frame StructuresAshok Kumar Perka, Bijoy Rajak, Shibashis GhoshTata Steel, India
044Feasibility study on reinforcement placement with a BIM-enabled collaborative robot systemFei Teng, Dong Zhang, Heng Li, Yiwei WengThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
0453D printing concrete with recycled coarse aggregates: The influence of pore structure on interlayer adhesion Huawei Liu, Chao Liu and Guoliang BaiXi’an University of Architecture and Technology
046Steel Additive Construction: New Possibilities for Efficient Structural SystemsVittoria Laghi, Giada GaspariniMassachusetts Institute of Technology
047Strain-rate dependent multistable architected composite material for adaptable energy dissipationXianhua Yao, Nan Hu, Qing Dong and Xuanyou LiSouth China University of Technology
048Exploring the 2.5D SIMTP with the Adaptive Refinement based on the Nodal ThicknessTejeswar Yarlagadda, Zixin Zhangb, Liming Jiang,  Pradeep Bhargava and Asif UsmaniThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
049Development of CO2-integrated 3D Printing ConcreteShipeng Zhang, Long Li, Lucen Hao, Chi Sun PoonThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
050Branching Structure for Reinforcement Anchorage produced with Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing TechniqueNeira Babovic, Vittoria Laghi and Harald KloftTU Braunschweig
051Efficient 3D Printing Process to Achieve the Scale and Strength Vihar Nimje, Tejeswar Yarlagadda, Zixin Zhang, Liming Jiang and Asif UsmaniThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
052Optimizing the printing path of robotic-assisted fabrication for spatial lattice structureYangsheng Lin, Jiachen Li, Nan HuSouth China University of Technology
053A Reusable non-reinforced 3D printing  concrete arch bridge: design , construction, and evaluationMin Yang, Xiaofei Yao, Yamei Zhang, Zuo WangSoutheast University
054Introducing pattern control to TO-based structure design for future-oriented constructionZixin ZHANG, Liming JIANG  Tejeswar YARLAGADDA,Adam FINGRUT, Yao ZHENG, Asif USMANIThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
055Standardization, research and testing for statutory submission for approval of 3D concrete printed structures: a comparison between Singapore and Netherlands based on the Eurocode J. Van Der Putten, M.C. Schilder, H.L.M. Laagland, M.J. Hoogeveen, S. Wu, M.J.A.M. BruursWitteveen+Bos
056Structural Deterioration and Mechanical Degradation of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) under Elevated TemperatureK.M. Liew, Gen Li, Binbin Yin, Jinhua Sun, Venkatesh Kumar R. KodurCity University of Hong Kong
057Tensile performance of 3D-printed Strain-Hardening Cementitious Composites (SHCC) considering material parameters, nozzle size and printing patternXU Nuoyan, QIAN Ye, YU Jing and LEUNG ChristopherSun Yat-Sen University
058Evaluating The Fresh Properties of UHPC for 3D Concrete PrintingKuo-Wei WEN, Chung-Chang HUNGNational Cheng Kung University
059Structural Performance of a Large Column with an Outer Shell Formed by Short-Fiber Reinforced Mortar ExtrusionKoji KINOMURA, Wenbo ZHANG, Keisuke KAWAMURA大成建設株式会社
060Exploration of 3D Printed Concrete with Recycled Fine & Coarse Aggregates: Material, Equipment and PerformanceZhenyuan LV, Zhenhua DUAN, Jianzhuang XIAO, and Guangchao JITongji University 
061Experimental study on the effect of water cooling on the compressive mechanical properties of 3D printed concrete exposed to high temperatureHuai Wang, Peijun WangShandong University
062Experimental Study and OpenSees Modelling for Thermal Response of 3D Printed Concrete Exposed to FiresJinjin WANG, Cheng CHEN, Tianwei CHU, Liming JIANG, Vihar NIMJE, Tejeswar YARLAGADDA, Asif USMANIThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
063In-Place 3D Printing for Repair of Building Components Using a Mobile RobotGido Dielemans, Lukas Lachmayer, Noor Khader, Norman Hack, Annika Raatz, Kathrin DörflerTechnical University of Munich
064Shear Behavior of 3D Printed Concrete Reinforced with Wavy-Shaped Steel WiresChang SUN, Haiye ZHAO, Qiong LIUUniversity of Shanghai for Science and Technology
065Large-Scale 3D Printing with Coarse Aggregate Concrete and Integration of Steel ReinforcementViktor MechtcherineTU Dresden
066Rheology, mechanical properties and pore structure of 3D printing concrete with coarse aggregatesXianggang Wang, Zijian Jia, Yamei ZhangSoutheast University
067Architected lattice-reinforced composite components with tunable properties and mechanical responsesLu Zhu, Man Chen, Binglin Xie, and Nan HuSouth China University of Technology
068Manufacturing optimization and mechanical properties characterization of 3D-printed recycled plastics toward programmable structural designWenqian Ma, Haiyang Zhao, Jiaqi Li, Nan HuSouth China University of Technology
069Use of Sustainable Mineral Plasticizer and Mineral Accelerator Based on Ground Calcium Carbonate in Digital FormulationTeddy Wong, KienMun Tang, Pascal Gonnon,  Thomas LysOmya Singapore Pte. Ltd.
070Additive manufacturing of γ-C2S with in-situ accelerated carbonationKuangnan Zhong, Zhichao Liu, Fazhou WangWuhan University of Technology
071Set-on-demand 3D Concrete Printing: Characterization of Fresh Properties of and Buildability AssessmentBirru Bizu Melesse, Atta Ur Rehman and Jung-Hoon Kim*Yonsei University
072Penetrometry: A Promising Technique for Characterizing Concrete Rheology in The Context of 3DCPAtta Ur Rehman and Jung-Hoon Kim*Yonsei University
073Design of a Real-time Geometric Quality Monitoring System for 3D Printed Concrete Filaments Using 2D Line LaserJihye Jhun, Dong-Hyun Lee, Atta Ur Rehman, Jung-Hoon Kim*Yonsei University
074Automated force sensitive reinforcement for 3DCP Vuong Quoc Nghia, Nguyen Quang Nam, Lu Bing, Lim Jian Hui, Prof Qian Shunzhi, Prof Pham Quang CuongNanyang Technological University
075Application of Smart Materials in 3D Concrete PrintingYi Wei Daniel Tay, Li Ning Wang, Sean Gip Lim, Tan Kai Noel Quah, Ming Jen Tan & Teck Neng WongNanyang Technological University
0763D Printing of Large-Scale Biodegradable MaterialYi Wei Daniel Tay, Eugene Soh, Sean Gip Lim, Jian Hui Lim, Hortense Le Ferrand & Ming Jen TanNanyang Technological University
077Mechanical Properties and Additive Manufacturing of Alkali-Activated Lunar Regolith in Artificial Lunar EnvironmentsZifan GENG, Lizhi ZHANG, Zhiwen WU, Yi Wei Daniel TAY, Sean Gip LIM, Ming Jen TANNanyang Technological University
078High-performance 3D concrete printing with zeoliteBing LU, Mingyang LI, Shunzhi QIAN, Holden Ho King LI, Teck Neng WONGNanyang Technological University
079Evaluation of Extrusion Methods for 3D Concrete PrintingTan Kai Noel Quah, Holden Ho King LINanyang Technological University
080Effects of vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer on printing and mechanical performances of 3D printing cementitious materialsZhenbang LIU, Mingyang LI, Zhixin LIU, Teck Neng WONGNanyang Technological University
081Carbon Sequestration with 3D Concrete Printing: A Review on Challenges and PotentialsSean Gip LIM, Yi Wei Daniel TAY, Ming Jen TANNanyang Technological University
084Research on the printability of 3D printable geopolymer concrete based on a new extrusion deviceZhaoliang Sheng, Jinlong Pan, and Yamei ZhangSoutheast University
085Investigation on interfacial enhancement between 3D printed permanent formwork and post-casted concreteQian Yu, Jinlong Pan, and Yamei ZhangSoutheast University
086A numerical buildability prediction of 3D–printed concrete at early-agesHaoran Liu, Tao Ding*, Jianzhuang Xiao, Viktor MechtcherineTongji University 
0873D printing lightweight aggregate concrete prepared with shell-packing-aggregate method - Printability, mechanical properties and pore structure Zijian Jia, Zhicong Deng, Yamei Zhang*Southeast University



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