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SC3DP drives research development and industry adoption of additive manufacturing technology through collaborative projects with leading industry partners, and with schools and research centres within and beyond NTU.

SC3DP 10 Years

Ten years ago, in December 2014, the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) was established, sowing the seeds of innovation. Led by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU, Singapore), and prestigious industry partners, SC3DP set out to reshape the landscape of additive manufacturing.

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Over 73 patents / know-how / copyright


56 faculties from 5 different schools


107 PhD Intake


60 PhD graduates


6 joint labs with industry and 3 research, innovation and development labs


More than 951 publications, Source: Scopus


3 top 1% highly cited researchers & 25 researchers top 2% in the world


#7 globally, top in Asia according to

8 Key Research Pillars

More on our Research Focus

SC3DP has identified the following 8 key research areas that would benefit from the introduction of new capabilities and know how, and works closely with the respective industry partners on their specific needs.

Research Collaborations

NTU ExtraBold RCA

With the aim of increasing new technology adoption into industry, we work closely with local and global industrial leaders on new market opportunities and business partnerships in the rapidly advancing and transformative field of Additive Manufacturing.

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Student Engagement

SC3Dp Student Engagement

SC3DP is a platform that connects students from various Schools and Institutions within the field of Additive Manufacturing. Through SC3DP, students can learn about the latest technologies and applications of 3D printing, and develop their skills and creativity for the future workforce.

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Research Highlights

Research Capabilities

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We are a central hub for additive manufacturing research and development. Together with a team of dedicated researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, SC3DP drives academic and industrial development of additive manufacturing in a range of scientific fields.


We actively host and participate in outreach events as part of our initiatives to increase awareness of additive manufacturing, and to promote the adoption of this innovative technology by our industry partners and collaborators.


Outreach Highlights

We host and participate in outreach events as part of our initiatives to increase awareness of additive manufacturing