Research Collaboration 

The Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) offers a full range of additive manufacturing services, from design and infrastructure to production and validation. With advanced technologies such as topology optimization, generative design, and bioinspired design, SC3DP creates optimized products using a variety of novel materials and printing processes, including hybrid printing, post-processing, and emerging technologies. Sustainability is a top priority for SC3DP, which offers material development and control services that combine artificial intelligence, big data, and other digital tools for process optimization, as well as non-destructive testing for AM parts. Backed by a team of experts and a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, SC3DP is committed to leading the way in sustainable additive manufacturing research and development.


1)  Design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) 
• Infrastructure for design for 3D Printing (data flow, security, standards)
• Design for 3D Printing with novel materials (4D, metamaterials, biological materials)
• Design tools (Optimisation and redesign, generative design, bioinspired design, topology optimisation)
• Design for 3D printing processes (hybrid and post-processing, emerging technologies)
• Design for 3D Printing and sustainable development
2)  Material Development and Control
•Process a wide range of materials such as polymers, metal, ceramics, concrete, composites, smartmaterials, and biological materials.
•In-situ alloying for the fabrication of metallic parts with improved performance
•Expertise in design and produce multi-material and functionally graded structures.
•Understanding the correlation between processing conditions and morphological development                                 •Ability to enhance the material properties, design the anisotropy and improve part quality.

•Material certification

 3)  Production
•Expertise in design and develop new additive manufacturing systems, including robotic-assistedsystems (robotic arms and mobile robots) and novel printing heads
•Expertise in combining artificial intelligence, big data and other digital tools for process optimisation
•In-situ process monitoring
•Health and safety impact of 3D printing
4)  Inspection & Validation
•Expertise in Non-Destructive Testing
•Expertise in rigorous testing and research by working closely with certification bodies in developing standards for 3D printed parts qualification.
5)  Digital Twin
•Digital twin for a wide range of additive manufacturing processes
•Processing maps for metal and polymer-based additive manufacturing
•Digital twin to enable collaborative data management



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