Curriculum AY2020 onwards

Double Degree B.Sc. (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences & B.Medicine (Chinese Medicine)

For students admitted in AY2020 intake and onwards

Year 1 Semester 1CoreBS1001Introductory Biology^3
CoreBS1003Organic Chemistry3
CoreBS1101Basics of TCM (中医基础理论)6
Total AUs25

** Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-BM (BU8301) in their first semester. Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-BM and register for other available GER-PEs.

Year 1 Semester 2CoreBS1005Biochemistry I3
CoreBS1006Principles of Genetics3
CoreBS1007Molecular & Cell Biology I3
CoreBS1009Introduction to Computational Thinking3
CoreBS1100Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 13
CoreBS1102TCM in Ancient Chinese (医古文)6
GER-CoreGC0001Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze1
Total AUs22
Year 2 Semester 1CoreBS2001Physiology3
CoreBS2102Chinese Materia Medica (中药学)6
CoreBS2103TCM Diagnostics (中医诊断学)6
GER-CoreML0003Kickstart your Career Success1
GER-CoreBS0004Introduction to Data Science3
GER-CoreHW0111Communication: A Journey of Inquiry through Writing and Speech2
Total AUs24
Year 2 Semester 2CoreBS3104Pathology (病理学)3
CoreBS2105Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine (内经学)6
CoreBS2016TCM Formulary (方剂学)8
CoreBS2107TCM Internship I (课间见习 I)3
GER-CoreHY0001Ethics and Moral Reasoning1
GER-CoreBS0005One Health3
Total AUs24
Year 3 Semester 1CoreBS3018Plant biology3
CoreBS3101Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases (伤寒论)6
CoreBS3108Acupuncture and Moxibustion (针灸学)6
CoreBS3103TCM Internship II (课间见习 II)3
Major-PE- (From Table A)
(From Table B)
Total AUs21

Note: Courses from table B are offered in semester 2. You may opt to read the MPE in year 3 sem 2 as long as you are able to fulfil the Major PE requirements within your course of study.

Year 3 Semester 2CoreBS3109Fundamentals of Immunology3
CoreBS2104Biomedical Pharmacology (药理学)3
CoreBS3102Synopsis of the Golden Chamber (金匮要略)6
CoreBS3106Seasonal Febrile Diseases (溫病学)6
CoreBS3107TCM Internship III (课间见习 III)3
GER-CoreET0001Entrepreneurship and Innovation1
Total AUs22
Inter-semester Break
Major-PEBS4020Final Year Project12
Total AUs12

Traditional Chinese Medicine Advanced Principles and Clinical Training at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), China (Year 4 and Year 5)

Year 4 Semester 1CoreBasics of Diagnostics (诊断学基础)
CoreInternal Medicine of TCM (中医內科学)
CoreOtolaryngology of TCM (中医耳鼻喉科学)
CoreSelected Literature in TCM (各家学说)
Core​TCM Tui-Na (中医推拿学)
Year 4 Semester 2CoreModern Internal Medicine (西医內科学)
Core​Gynaecology of TCM (中医妇科学)
Core​External Medicine of TCM (中医外科学)
Core​Paediatrics of TCM (中医儿科学)
Core​Dermatology of TCM (中医皮肤病学)
CoreOrthopaedics, Traumatology of TCM (中医骨伤学)
Core​Ophthalmology of TCM (中医眼科学)
CoreOncology of TCM (中医肿瘤科科学)
Year 5
Semester 1 & 2
(18 AU)
CoreTCM Clinical internship (中医临床实习)
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUs
BS3003Developmental biology3
BS3004Cancer biology and Therapy3
BS3014Biological foundations of behavior3
BS3021Bioimaging Techniques in EM3
BS3023Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and Medical Devices3
BS3024Evolution in Health and Disease3
BS3032Environmental Microbiology3
BS3338#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Effect of Anti-mitotic Drugs on Cancer Cells3
BS3342#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Role of Actin cytoskeleton regulators in metastasis3
BS3344#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography3
BS4002Current topics in cell biology3
BS4010Synthetic Biology3
BS4015Plant Biotechnology3
BS4016Advanced Virology3
BS4017High-Throughput Bioinformatics3
BS9001++Research Experience3
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUs
BS3008Computational Biology & Modelling3
BS3012Functional genomics and proteomics3
BS3013Drug discovery & development, biotechnology3
BS3015The RNA World (On hold)3
BS3019Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience (On hold)3
BS3022Protein Trafficking3
BS3028Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry3
BS3332#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Methods in Histology (On hold)3
BS3335#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Protein behavior in health and disease – biophysical tools3
BS3336#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Proteomics Workshop3
BS3339#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Neurobiology (On hold)3
BS3347#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Metabolomics and Lipidomics3
BS4018Protein Homeostasis in Ageing and Disease3
​BS4019Discovery and Development of Therapeutic Antibodies​3​
BS4205Good Manufacturing Practice and Sterilisation for Medical Devices3

^ Online courses

# Major PE which is conducted during the 1-week term break or during the 2 weeks before the term starts.

++ Recommended Major PE which is conducted during the inter-semestral break. Completion of BS9001 will allow you to do one less Major PE in any of the future semesters. Registration of BS9001 will be done by the School. It is a pass/fail course.

    NTU reserves all rights to make changes to the programme structure with prior notice.​​​​​​​​​