Choose from a Range of Master's Level Courses

At NIE, we offer a vast and diverse collection of Master’s level courses to provide opportunities as well as encouragement for individuals to strive towards knowledge acquisition, skills mastery and lifelong learning.

While formal recognition of postgraduate education in the form of a Master’s or PhD degree may appeal to some, the majority of working adults may prefer learning through standalone courses.

What's Next for You

Every semester, NIE offers a range of Master’s level courses. These courses can be taken as standalone courses, subject to vacancies and meeting pre-requisites.

Credits earned can also be transferred to a relevant  Master’s programme upon successful admission, subject to prevailing University’s guidelines and approval.

To Apply

Please visit Professional Learning and Continuing Education (PLaCE) for course details and application matters.

Credit Transfer if You Complete Modular Graduate Courses

Individuals who complete modular graduate courses may transfer the credits earned towards a  Master’s programme upon successful admission. This is subject to the following guidelines:

  • The course must be relevant to the Master’s programme the student is admitted to.
  • Up to a maximum of 12 AUs may be transferred.
  • The grade obtained for the course must be at least a C+.
  • The validity period for exemption/ credit transfer of a course is 5 years from the date of award of the course as reflected in the official result slip/transcript.
  • The course must not have been used for exemption/ credit transfer into another programme.


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