Published on 07 Nov 2023

Science of Learning in Education Seminar Series by Ms Cindy Chen

On 28 September, Ms Cindy Chen, PhD candidate & Research Associate from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore, spoke on a multi-component school-based lifestyle intervention for primary school children.

In Singapore, while schools currently have interventions that target both diet and physical activity, there is limited information on the evaluation (e.g., feasibility, implementation, and sustainability) of these interventions. Funded by the NIE Education Research Funding Programme (Ref: DEV 02/21 MCFF), this study was conducted to develop and explore the feasibility of a theory-based multi-component school-based intervention – Promoting hEalthy Diet and Active Lifestyle (PEDAL) – among primary school children in Singapore. The aims of PEDAL are to increase fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, as well as reduce sedentary behaviour, which emerging evidence has shown the importance of considering this alongside increasing physical activity for health promotion. In this presentation, Ms Chan shared about the development of the PEDAL intervention, findings on the feasibility of PEDAL (e.g., recruitment capability, social validity, and practicality), and lessons learned from the intervention implementation. ​