Published on 06 May 2024

Professors Theodore Waters and Guy Bosmans share more on the mechanisms supporting attachment relationships and schemas

On 12 April 2024, Associate Professor Theodore Waters, Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University-Abu Dhabi, and Professor Guy Bosmans, Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at KU Leuven in Belgium, were invited to speak at a Strategic Growth Area-Science of Learning (SGA-SoL) seminar series. A/P Theodore shared his work titled “Cognitive Scripts, Attachment, and Culture”, where he reviewed some of the present research on the cognitive script perspective and sparked discussions on cultural differences, as well as several longitudinal studies conducted in Western Europe, the United States, and a recent study conducted in Mainland China. Professor Guy Bosmans shared his work titled “Safety Conditioning and Learning as a Paradigm to Unravel the Black Box of Attachment Development: Theory and First Exploratory Studies”, where he presented preliminary studies supporting his argument for an alternative learning approach to attachment development.

Check out the seminar for A/P Theodore Waters here:

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