Published on 05 Mar 2024

NIE faculty and research staff featured in the latest SingTeach Issue 87

NIE faculty and research staff from the Natural Sciences & Science Education Academic Group (NSSE AG), Assoc Prof Tan Aik Ling, Deputy Head of Teaching & Curriculum Matters, and Dr Soo Li Mei, Johannah, Lecturer, were featured in interviews for the latest SingTeach Issue 87.

SingTeach Issue 87 was launched on 18 January 2024, focusing on the theme of “Sustainability Education”. It is guest edited by Dr Tricia Seow, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Head of NIE’s Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE) Academic Group, and also featured interviews with teachers who share their experiences with embedding sustainability issues into the 4Cs of curriculum, campus, culture, as well as community.