Published on 01 Mar 2024

Dr Khor Ean Teng co-publishes a journal article in the Education and Information Technologies journal

Dr Khor Ean Teng, Education Research Scientist from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), co-wrote a journal article titled “Development and Evaluation of Predictive Models for Predicting Students Performance in MOOCs” in the Education and Information Technologies journal (a Tier 1 journal with an Impact Factor of 5.5) alongside Anagha Ani. The article aims to develop and tune several machine learning (ML) models to perform classification tasks on the education dataset to predict student performance, evaluate the efficacy of these ML models and identify those which are best suited to this task. The research process includes data exploration, feature engineering, model building, accuracy measurement and comparative evaluation, where the results show that extracted information can be exploited to enhance educational theory or practices in the context of MOOCs.