Published on 01 Apr 2024

Dr Astrid Schmied speaks at the Third Edition Hybrid IBRO/PEDICIBA Postgraduate Course

On 16 December 2023, Dr Astrid Schmied, Education Research Scientist at the Science of Learning in Education (SoLEC), was invited to speak at the Third Edition Hybrid IBRO/PEDICIBA postgraduate course “Science Diplomacy for the Global South with focus in Neuroscience”, organised by UNESCO and IIBCE. She shared her work on “Analysis of the Global South Scenario of Educational Neuroscience Progress: Trends and Prospects”, which explores how neuroscience and education relate to each other. Dr Astrid also provided an overview of the progress with relation to Educational Neuroscience (EN) in the global south, considering its evolution and state-of-the-art, as well as offering insights of the recent trends and prospects of EN around the world, and opportunities for future development.