Published on 03 May 2024

Associate Professor Yao Zheng shares more about the impact of parenting and parent-child relationships on developmental outcomes

On 21 March 2024, Associate Professor Yao Zheng, from the Faculty of Arts Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta, was invited to speak at a Strategic Growth Area-Science of Learning (SGA-SoL) seminar series. A/P Yao Zheng shared his work titled “Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships on Multiple Timescales: Antecedents and Developmental Outcomes”, where he delved into how parenting practices impact the socialization skills and development trajectory of children. He employed novel methods to monitor parent-child views within the same household, as well as the perception of the schoolteacher on the child’s behavior, highlighting the diverse impacts that parenting behaviors have on children and adolescents. A/P Yao Zheng’s studies identified several relevant issues within present literature on parenting and parent-adolescent relationships, sparking a lively and intriguing discussion among the seminar participants on potential implications for applicability in Singapore.