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Caleon Imelda Santos

Dr Caleon Imelda Santos

National Institute of Education

Dr. Imelda Santos Caleon is an Assistant Dean on Partnerships and Programme Director of the Lifelong Learning, Cognition and Well-being Research Programme at the Office of Education Research, National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Tech ...

Assistant Dean, Partnerships, OER Partnerships Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research Assistant Dean, Partnerships, National Institute of Education

Keywords: Education | Mental Health | Psychology | Science of Learning

In the Singapore Context ...


Parental Involvement in Children’s Education

Roles of Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationships

Connection is Key: What do we know about parent-child and teacher-student relationships and at-risk behaviours among Singapore's students?

By Dr Rosanne Jocson
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Child Development, NIE, NTU
Published: 1 May 2023
By A/P Chong Wan Har
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development, NIE, NTU
Published: 1 May 2023
By Dr Yvonne Seng
Psychology and Child & Human Development, NIE, NTU
Published: 1 May 2023

Parental educational involvement refers to the practices, resources, and interactions that parents invest or engage in to help their children succeed in school. Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits of different types of parental educational involvement on children’s motivation, school engagement, and academic performance...

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Students perceived self-efficacy in learning and teacher support, make an important contribution to their performance and achievement (Chong, Liem, Huan, Kit, & Ang, 2018). Self-efficacy is the personal beliefs of one's competence as a learner (Bandura, 1995). Efficacious students are known to ...

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Research has shown that parent-child and teacher-student relationships contribute to children and adolescents holistic development and well-being (Shi et al., 2022). These relationships are critical for building a positive environment for children's and adolescents' social, emotional and ...

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