Monica Ong

Ms Ong Woei Ling Monica

Teaching Fellow
[email protected]
Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice,
Office of Education Research
NIE5 03 52
Ms Monica Ong is a Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (CRPP), National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore. She was a secondary school History and Geography teacher, and a Department Head of Affective Education. Monica received her Master of Arts in Leadership and Education Change in the National Institute of Education and had served at the Academy of Singapore Teachers, Ministry of Education, Singapore, as a Senior Academy Officer, during which she was involved in promoting research literacy among teachers in schools. Her research interests and studies include teacher learning, learning communities, research utilisation among teachers and research translation.
Teacher Inquiry, Teacher Learning, Research Utilisation, Research Translation and Research-Practice Nexus
  • Evidence-based knowledge for educational change in schools - MLS 3304
  • Character and Citizenship Education in the Singapore Context - QED52U
  • Educational Research - AED430/AED40A
  • STP Pedagogical Practice – QED52B

Research projects as Principal Investigator:

  • Understanding and extending research impact through research-policy-practice partnership
  • Understanding Singapore teachers’ perception and use of research in their practice 

Research projects as Co-Principal Investigator:

  • What shapes and enables the development of expertise of expert teachers: a case study of Singapore expert teachers
  • Developing a Framework and Instrument for Examining the Nature of Research-Practice Partnership
  • Examining Teachers’ Talk and Learning within Networked Learning Communities
  • Examining Teachers’ Conceptions and Use of Reflection to Understand their Practice
  • Teacher Inquiry about pedagogical practices: A case study of a Singapore school
  • Project Impact
  • Teacher professional development in a Singapore school – tensions and contradictions
  • Professional Learning Communities in Singapore Schools: The Current Practice and Possibilities for Teacher Practice and Student Learning
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