Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering with Second Major in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Single Degree with 2nd Major

Materials Engineering with Second Major in Pharmaceutical Engineering will prepare students for exciting and impactful careers in the vital pharmaceutical industries spanning key sectors such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biomedical and clinical sciences, healthcare and research and development. 

Materials Engineering is a multifaceted science-driven and application-oriented engineering programme that focuses on the innovation of revolutionary novel materials for the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. In synergy with Pharmaceutical Engineering, students will gain knowledge in biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue engineering and other pharmaceutical-related subjects. 

Admission requirements for this programme, including minimum subject requirements for students with A-level, IB, international and other qualifications, as well as acceptable polytechnic diplomas are available in the NTU Admissions website


Materials Engineering with a Second Major in Pharmaceutical Engineering integrates the requirements of both engineering majors within the typical candidature of 4 years. There are 11 compulsory courses in the 2nd major. 

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    Materials Engineering with a Second Major in Pharmaceutical Engineering offers graduates the versatility to choose from a wide range of career in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry as well as relevant industries, both locally and abroad.   

    • ​Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology firms 
    • Research institutes 
    • National laboratories 
    • Corporate laboratories 
    • Hospitals and healthcare services 
    • National specialty centres 

    Accredited by Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB)

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