Published on 28 Jan 2022

LKCMedicine EduCare Awards Recognise Children’s Resilience

The ongoing pandemic has significantly changed the way we live our lives, be it work or study. School-going children have to embrace changes in their learning environment, such as home-based lessons, wearing of masks and practising social distancing in schools. Now the younger ones have to be vaccinated as well.

LKCMedicine launched the EduCare Awards recently to encourage and recognise school-going children amongst its staff who braved the pandemic despite their young age. To qualify for the award, staff have to submit a short write-up on how their school-going children have showed resilience, adaptability, empathy and creativity amidst the pandemic. Based on the submissions, 42 staff were presented with the EduCare Awards this week. 

Sonia Ow, Assistant Manager at Research Administration and Support Services, had a tough time coping with home-based learning for her two schooling kids, Keryn and Caleb, as well as working from home. Keryn was first infected with COVID-19 which later infected the rest of the family. Thankfully, they recovered well. Both her kids showed their independence by waking up early to prepare for home-based learning. Keryn would even guide Caleb in his schoolwork. They also helped their mum with cooking and housework!

Rebecca Lavanie David from the Medical Library was proud of the resilience that her daughter Gayatri showed. COVID-19 threw up a challenging year for Gayatri, her seven-year-old girl, as it was the start of her primary school journey. But she demonstrated resilience when daily ARTs had to be taken as she was mindful that this would protect her classmates’ health and safety. For her age, it was already a hurdle exploring the new learning system under home-based learning, but she did well and even won a Health Championship badge from her school.

It was similarly a tough year for Nikki, daughter of Siti Rohanah Koid, Director of Communications and Outreach. It was her PSLE year and her learning was disrupted as she had to miss classes at the first hint of a cough or flu. Her emotions were also affected when her grandfather passed away just a week before her exams. Nevertheless, Nikki, who is dyslexic, soldiered on and studied as best she could and even picked up new skills like cooking, cleaning and attending to her pet cats' needs while adapting to the new normal. She even made it to her top choice of secondary school!

Utkarsh, the son of Assistant Professor Navin Kumar Verma, is currently a secondary three student. Without a formal education in Hindi, he faced difficulty learning this second language when he arrived in Singapore. However, he persevered and with the help of parents and teachers, scored distinction in the subject every year until PSLE, and received several awards. With his passion in Mathematics and Physics, Utkarsh is currently working on his own project to envisage the potential impact of microgravity to humans when we travel to space.

LKCMedicine Dean Professor Joseph Sung presented the awards to these four recipients at a simple ceremony on 27 January. “I am indeed encouraged that these young ones showed so much resilience during this difficult period. It is already tough for us adults having to adjust to numerous changes, so we can imagine how much more difficulties they are facing. I am really proud of these young ones,” said Prof Sung. 

Congratulations to all the recipients!