Published on 04 Jan 2023

Breaking New Ground Ep 6

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Breaking New Ground Episode 6: Professor Victoria Seewaldt

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Synopsis: In this episode, we interviewed Professor and Chair of the Department of Population Sciences and the Associate Director of the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, Professor Victoria Seewaldt.

Professor Seewaldt spoke at the Frontiers of Cancer Science 2022 conference where she gave a lecture about how high insulin can cause damage to the DNA. Professor Seewaldt is a strong advocate for women – particularly women from diverse backgrounds. She was awarded for her work in 2017 with the NIH/CAP/CURE Champion Mentorship Award.


Highlights of conversation:

01:10 – When did your interest in science begin?

02:21 – What is different about women’s cancer?

03:21 – Why is it great to be a women scientist?

04:32 – What are some perceptions you had to break through to get here? 

05:30 – What are some recent breakthroughs you would like to talk about in cancer research? 

10:07 – When you say prevent ageing, isn’t ageing natural? 

10:51 – Is prevention really the cure to cancer?

11:42 – Are you hopeful about the future?

12:22 – Can you tell us more about the work you are doing to make women’s work better? 

14:25 – How can we get more women into science?

16:15 – What would you say to your younger self as an assistant professor?

16:50 – What do you do to reboot your mind?