Published on 31 Mar 2023

Towards Next-Generation X-ray Imaging with Tunable X-rays and Quantum Recoil by Nanyang Asst Prof Wong Liang Jie

IAS Discovery Science Seminar Jointly Organised with the Graduate Students' Clubs

Professor Wong provided a historical overview of classical theory and the development of X-rays

Held on 29 March 2023 at the Lecture Theatre 3, this Discovery Science Seminar by Nanyang Assistant Professor Wong Liang Jie was jointly organised by IAS NTU and the Graduate Students' Clubs of EEE, SCSE and SPMS.

Prof Wong (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, NTU) pursues research at the frontiers of X-ray photonics and quantum nanophotonics. His research has appeared in prominent journals like Nature Photonics, Nature Physics, Advanced Science, Nature Communications, and Physical Review Letters, and has been featured in international media outlets including MIT News, the Straits Times, Optica Newsroom, Physics World, and Asia Research News.

In his talk, Prof Wong introduced his research in electron waveshaping, nanomaterials and nonlinear optics. He provided a historical overview of classical theory and the development of X-rays and charged particle light emission. Specifically, he focused on the concept of quantum recoil in free electron light emission processes, which was first postulated in 1940, and remained experimentally elusive, until now.  He explained the experimental setup and presented his team’s research findings, which showed that quantum recoil must be given due consideration, particularly when dealing with nanoscale and subnanoscale periodicities. This empirical demonstration will pave the way for more precise X-ray technology, with implications that range from medical imaging to forensics.

Prof Wong further shared his insights and lessons he has learnt in the process of commercialisation of such a breakthrough discovery and the time required for prototyping. This attracted the interest of the audience particularly.

Prof Wong presenting his talk and interacting with participants

Following the presentation, Prof Wong answered questions from the audience, which included students and faculty members. The questions covered a wide range of topics, such as the commercial viability of the product and engineering challenges that needed to be addressed. He also shared his opinion on pursuing a PhD, emphasising the need for future PhD aspirants to be well-rounded communicators.  Throughout the presentation and Q&A session, Prof Wong welcomed ideas and feedback from the audience.

"Very lively explanations of very exciting scientific breakthroughs" - Meldon Wee Yi Shuo (PhD student, CCEB)

"Communicate complicated concepts in an understandable manner, but shows expertise when it comes to details" - Adrianzka Mayreswara Dewa Rachmawisista (PhD student, EEE)

Written by Balsebre Pasquale (SCSE GSC) and Bhima Ashish (EEE GSC)