Published on 01 Dec 2021

Smart Materials and Smart Devices

[email protected] Discovery Science Seminar by Dr Long Yi

Held on 30 November 2021, the webinar was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students’ Clubs of EEE, MSE and SPMS.  Dr Long Yi’s talk attracted the audience into the world of smart windows, stretchable devices, artificial muscles, and inspired them with the stories behind the research achievements. As she mentioned in the talk, this is a new but promising field, and there are many opportunities for improvement. Some findings in this project are to be published. Dr Long Yi shared the progress of two widely studied inorganic and organic smart materials - vanadium dioxide and hydrogel, and their applications in the energy saving smart materials and devices. She explained complicated academic concepts in a simple and story-telling way, which attracted a large audience from various other schools as well. She gave some valuable ideas about research to young scientists and also encouraged women scientists to pursue their dreams. As takeaways, a lot of attendees acquired thoughtful insights and possibilities of related problems in their future research.

Yang Lan | MSE Graduate Students’ Club