Published on 06 May 2024

Insights into the History of Colloidal Quantum Dots - a European Perspective by Prof Andrey Rogach

IAS STEM Graduate Colloquium Jointly Organised with the Graduate Students’ Clubs

Prof Andrey Rogach (Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor in Photonics Materials at the City University of Hong Kong) gave an insightful talk on 30 April 2024 at SPMS LT4. The event was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students’ Clubs of SPMS, EEE and MSE.

The colloquium offered a captivating journey through time, unraveling the historical evolution and significant milestones in the development of colloidal quantum dots and nanotechnology from a distinctly European standpoint.

Prof Andrey Rogach captivated a filled lecture theatre with eager and attentive minds as he began the colloquium.

Prof Rogach started his presentation by tracing the roots of colloidal quantum dots research back to its inception, highlighting key contributions made by European scientists over the decades. From the pioneering work of Russian physicist Alexander Efros to the groundbreaking discoveries by European researchers in the late 20th century, Prof Rogach illuminated the rich history of European involvement in advancing our understanding of colloidal quantum dots.

Delving deeper into the scientific intricacies, he elucidated the fundamental principles underlying the synthesis, characterisation, and applications of colloidal quantum dots. He expounded upon the innovative techniques and methodologies developed by European scientists to manipulate the size, composition, and properties of quantum dots, thereby paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in nanotechnology.

Throughout the presentation, he offered valuable insights into the diverse array of applications enabled by colloidal quantum dots, ranging from optoelectronics and photovoltaics to biological imaging and quantum computing. He underscored the pivotal role played by European research institutions and collaborations in driving forward the practical implementation of quantum dot-based technologies across various domains.

Prof Rogach also provided a glimpse into the future prospects and emerging trends in colloidal quantum dot research, emphasising the ongoing efforts to enhance their efficiency, stability, and scalability for widespread commercialisation. By fostering a deeper understanding of the historical context and European contributions to this field, he inspired students and researchers to embark on their own explorations and innovations in nanoscience.

Engaging Q&A with the audience

The colloquium offered a captivating retrospective on the history of colloidal quantum dots, spotlighting Europe's indelible imprint on this transformative area of research. Prof Rogach's comprehensive overview and insightful commentary provided a compelling narrative that not only celebrated past achievements but also sparked curiosity and enthusiasm for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of nanotechnology.

Written by Gong Xiangxin | NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduate Students' Club

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“Prof Rogach shared some practical and industrial applications of quantum dots to highlight their usefulness and importance in satisfying our energy demands.” – Choong Li Yan Anthony (PhD Student, MSE)

“I enjoyed behind-the-scene stories about research on quantum dots.” – Yeoh Li Yuan (PhD Student, MSE)

“The history behind the topic is good for someone not from the field.” – Leonhard Damian Indra Adiguna (PhD Student, IGP)