Published on 08 Dec 2021

Impact of the International Workshop on Quantum and Topological Nanophotonics (QTN) Series

Prof Nikolay Zheludev | CDPT NTU; IAS Distinguished Fellow

The International Workshop on Quantum and Topological Nanophotonics (QTN) is an invitation-only series, started in December 2016 and now at its fourth edition, organised by The Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies (CDPT) at NTU, with selected partner institutions and supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies at NTU. From the first workshop, we strategically targeted collaborations with leading research communities worldwide by jointly organising it. This included co-organisation with a leading research group in Spain, West Coast universities in the USA, South Korea institutions, East Coast universities in the USA.

The QTN series is a prime level event attracting top level international speakers at the platform of open discussion and exchange of ideas. The talks are open to the entire research community in Singapore growing in popularity: almost 200 local attendees attended the last edition, attracted by the opportunity to learn from and interact with leading international researchers brought to Singapore by the workshop.

The main aim of the workshops is to identify new direction and trends in photonics research and establishing NTU leadership on these topics. Indeed, the QTN series propelled NTU as a leading research institution in these fields internationally. This is well supported by numerous research awards received by NTU/CDPT researchers in this field and many “NTU-International speakers” joint papers and conferences following the QTN workshops.

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