About Plastics Symposium 2024

The Plastics Symposium 2024, a symposium on cutting edge research to tackle plastic pollution, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, is set to take place at CREATE Tower, 1 CREATE Way, UTown, Singapore 138602 on 22-23 July 2024.

This symposium is organized to address the urgent need for advanced solutions to combat the plastic pollution crisis in the Asia Pacific. Our goal is to build a vibrant community in the region that facilitates meaningful partnerships between academia, industry, government, and community organizations. This platform showcases the latest innovative research ranging from mechanochemical to biological strategies for plastic recycling and upcycling, with an emphasis on practical applications and scalability.


Theme and Topics

The symposium serves as a discussion forum to identify gaps in infrastructure and investment needed to scale up and commercialize new recycling/upcycling technologies and to promote circular economy in the Asia Pacific. It will feature talks by academics and industry leaders and community organizations as well as a panel involving government stakeholders and investors in plastics recycling. The outcomes will deepen understanding of the environmental and economic implications of new approaches to plastics waste management while encouraging collective action towards a sustainable future.

  • Advancing research in biological recycling methods, such as enzymatic degradation and microbial digestion, to enhance their effectiveness and applicability.
  • Exploring mechanochemical recycling techniques to break down plastics into valuable feedstocks or monomers.
  • Fostering collaboration between industry professionals and academics, enabling the identification of research challenges and development of implementation strategies.
  • Supporting the adoption of advanced plastics recycling technologies and promoting a circular economy in the region.



This event is organised by NTU School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.