​The Science Mentorship Programme is a tie-up between educational institutions and NTU whereby students carry out scientific investigations under the guidance of mentors. With respect to NTU Food Science and Technology Programme Office, we have worked with students from Raffles Institution on various projects. Recently, a group of Raffles Institution students was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for the research they carried out during the Science Mentorship Programme. In addition, Professor William Chen was awarded an "Outstanding Mentor Award" for helping to guide students over the past few years.

Chemistry teachers from MOE have shown interest in our FST curriculum, therefore, we hosted a visit for them so that they can take back knowledge learnt from our showcases and try to incorporate it into their students' Science curriculum to show them that Food Science and Technology is more than just food. Furthermore, upon learning that there was a bomb calorimeter device in our laboratory, few of the teachers came back again to take a video such that they could use it for teaching purposes in class!