Double Degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Bioengineering) and Bachelor of Social Science (Economics)

Double Degree

Jointly offered by the College of Engineering and the School of Social Sciences, this double degree programme (DDP) aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in engineering and economics.


Engineering underpins quality of life and economic activity. It is the art of applying science to create and enhance technology to benefit humanity. Very often, the decisions and choices in engineering design, process, product and innovation are influenced by economic considerations. The ultimate purpose of engineering and economic endeavours can be seen as meeting human's needs and wants in the presence of resource scarcity. Hence these two disciplines are mutually inspirational and complementary.


With intensifying global competition, growing resource scarcity, and escalating societal and environmental concerns, engineers of the future will face increasing challenges to reconcile engineering activities with these considerations. The combined inter-disciplinary qualities of an engineer and an economist will be highly valued in today's globalised environment where insatiable demand for new products and processes, as well as increasingly complex economic conditions, are creating both opportunities and threats for companies and nations. 


By having an advanced understanding of the integrative relationship between engineering and economics, graduates of this programme can better contribute to the nation's wealth and economy through the diverse career potentials in the public and private sectors.



Candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements of the respective Bachelor of Engineering programme, including the minimum subject requirements. Please refer to the Office of Admissions for more information.


Admission enquiries for local students: 

Tel: (65) 6790 5055 or (65) 6790 5972 

Email: [email protected]


Admission enquiries for international students: 

Tel: (65) 6790 5806 or 6790 5807 

Email: [email protected]

The Double Degree in Engineering and Economics programme integrates the requirements of both the Bachelor of Engineering in a chosen Engineering major and Bachelor of Arts in Economics within 5 years.

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