Business Study Mission

The Business Study Mission (BSM) seeks to enrich your knowledge on doing business in Asia while expanding your global outlook. Company visits are organised within Asia or locally, which provide an inside view on the practical side of business and a platform to engage directly with senior management, in addition to seminars and lectures conducted by industry experts. This emphasis parallels the national economic strategy which, in recent years, has focused on the development of an “external wing” to balance a strong, but relatively small, internal economy in fast-developing Asia and beyond.


The BSM provides a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Gain insights into best practices from particular segments of business, industry, and government entities.
  • Learn about the successful transformation strategies of global and local companies.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of doing business in a particular country or a different cultural environment.
  • Understand the model for governance, business growth, and human capital development in various countries.
  • Develop critical thinking and a valuable professional network.


    Nanyang MBA students visiting Medtronics, Shanghai 2019Medtronics, Shanghai 2019

    Nanyang MBA students visiting Ali Pay, Hangzhou 2019Ali Pay, Hangzhou 2019

    Nanyang MBA students visiting Ant Financial, Hangzhou 2019Ant Financial, Hangzhou 2019

    Nanyang MBA students visiting Costco, Tokyo 2019Costco, Tokyo 2019