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Student Life

Life at Nanyang Business School is intense yet inspiring. An MBA's student life is packed with classes, group projects, assignments, case competitions, and business club activities. However, it does not just revolve around studies. Check out the video below to find out what a typical day of our MBA student is like.​​​​​

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Student ExCo & Club Co-Chairs

Every year, the student cohort will hold elections to elect the Nanyang MBA Student Executive Committee, or Student ExCo. The elected Student Committee members are responsible for ensuring a holistic learning experience during your time at the Nanyang MBA.

Executive Committee (ExCo)​

2023 Nanyang MBA Student ExCo

Bastian Varrin Gomez Galvarriato Osama Hamoud 
Bastian Varrin
Executive Vice President
Osama Hamoud
Ding Yang
Lutao Jose Luis Consulta
Ankit Chawla
Vice President
Marketing & Communications
Ding Yang
Vice President
Marketing & Communications
Jose Luis Lutao
Vice President
Marketing & Communications
Ankit Chawla
Trikha Harshita
Jain Kriti
Vice President
Career Development
Harshita Trikha
Vice President
Kriti Jain


Club Co-Chairs

2022 Nanyang MBA Club Chairs

Jain Shubham
Singh Nishankit
Patney Rithik
Shubham Jain
Nishankit Singh
Rithik Patney
Harsh Aditya
Singh Siddhant
Arief Kresnadi Ignatius Kasim
Tech & Innovation
Aditya Harsh
Sports & Wellness
Sid Singh
Wine & Food Appreciation
Arief Kasim
Thai Thi Bich Hanh
Justin Lee Keat Young
Subham Dokania
Hanh Thai
Justin Lee
Subham Dokania



Case Competition

Business case competitions provide invaluable opportunities for participants to hone their business acumen and apply what they have learnt in the classroom. Through case competitions, you get to challenge yourself and learn new skills, showcase your talents and network with recruiters and global business executives. 

At the Nanyang MBA, you are given various opportunities to take part in international business case competitions and this helps to add depth and value to the overall Nanyang MBA experience.

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