Minor in Environmental Sustainability

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We live in a time of rapid environmental change. Environmental sustainability involves securing the natural resources that we depend upon for our existence, but also ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for a growing human population. At all levels of society, there is an increasing awareness that the decisions we make today are investments in the kind of future we want to create. Whether you are a future government official, innovator, leader in business, engineering, science or education, the Minor in Environmental Sustainability has been developed to give you a scientific background understanding to the environmental challenges we face today, in Singapore and the world. What does sustainable management of land and water really mean? How does climate change work? What makes an ecosystem resilient to environmental stress? How does sea level rise work and how will it affect Singapore? Excellent, highly accomplished teachers from the Asian School of the Environment will challenge and inspire you to see sustainable future solutions, balancing the needs of humans with our impact on the natural environment.

The Minor in Environmental Sustainability is designed to offer students from all major programmes at NTU the most up to date scientific background to the environmental challenges that will shape our future. Get to know your planet with this solid base in environmental sustainability, including:

  • The relationship between humans and the natural world
  • Availability and management of natural resources
  • Interactions and feedbacks between the main parts of the earth system.
  • The elements that influence earth’s climate system
  • How individuals, communities, and governments can engage with these issues to create more sustainable societies.

You may also choose from a range of courses to create your own sustainability profile. Please note that students in the Environmental Earth Systems Science Major are not eligible to take the Minor in Environmental Sustainability.

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