NTU-University Scholars Programme Alumni Association

The NTU-University Scholars Programme Alumni Association, established in 2020, aims to foster alumni relations by bringing well-loved and fondly remembered NTU-USP events to alumni, even after graduation. These events will include social and networking events, dialogues and talks, and alumni-student initiatives, and many more. Working closely with the NTU-USP student club, the Alumni Association also hopes to strengthen the bonds not just among the alumni, but also forge new ones with existing students.

Alumni will be updated by email, and through the LinkedIn group. Should you like to receive updates on Alumni Association activities, drop us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you around!

President, NTU USP AA
NTU-University Scholars Programme Alumni Association
Mr Nigel Lim
c/o Premier Scholars Programmes Office
61 Nanyang Dr, Academic Block North, ABN-B2b-11, Singapore 637335
[email protected] | Website