NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme Alumni Association

Established in 2019, NTU REP Alumni Association (NTU REP AA) serves as an extension of the REP community and a continuity to the university experience.

The NTU REP AA is set up with the following objectives:
  1. To create, foster and strengthen cohesion, connection, bonding and identity among alumni and REP.
  2. To network and provide peer support in careers and personal growth.
  3. To serve as a body for members in the promotion & advancement of education, knowledge, life-long learning & sense of belonging.
  4. To contribute to the continuous advancement and development of the university and the society.

NTU REP Alumni Association
Mr Oo Guolin
c/o Premier Scholars Programmes Office
Academic Block North, 61 Nanyang Drive, ABN-B2b-11, Singapore 637335
[email protected]​