Graduate Assistantship Programme (GAP)

Students on Scholarship who are admitted from AY2014/2015 must perform teaching/ laboratory supervision duties to fulfil the requirements of the Graduate Assistantship Programme. 

Please refer to Table 1 for the total service hours required for each candidature period. 


Total Hours Required to Serve during Candidature (International Students) 

Total Hours Required to Serve during Candidature (Singaporeans/SPRs) 

PhD416 hours208 hours
2-year Master's by Research156 hours78 hours
1-year Master's by Research78 hours39 hours


Table 2 further provides the percentage breakdown of the total hours required to be served for each scholarship type. The percentage of total hours to be served is indicated in reference to Table 1 above. 

Scholarship TypeRemarks
MOE-issued Scholarships100%
School Scholarships100%
Research Fee funded by School100%
Premium Scholarships (e.g. NPGS)75%
Tuition Fee Scholarships50%
Partial Scholarships50% (prorated according to footnote*)

*For partial scholarships, the proration will be made according to the number of semesters in which the scholarship is granted. 

The Scholar is to note that:

(i) the total time spent on work done under the Graduate Assistantship Programme and any other form of paid or unpaid work, should not exceed 10 hours a week (only for international students; there is no such cap for Singaporeans/SPRs);

(ii) The Scholar must ensure that the total hours required under the Graduate Assistantship Programme is completed at least six months before graduation; and

(iii) The Scholar shall be remunerated for performing teaching/research duties and other developmental assignments at a rate in accordance to the Part-Time Appointment Scheme, for work done in excess of the Graduate Assistantship Programme. 


Table 3 sets out the maximum hours that can be clocked under the respective categories:

Modes of Clocking Graduate Assistantship Programme Hours (per candidature) 

Mode of Clocking Graduate Assistantship Programme
Hours (per candidature) 


Master's (2-year)

Master's (1-year)Remarks

Teaching/Laboratory Supervision (max.100%) 


Research assistant duty, inclusive of research supervision (max.60%) 

up to 250up to 94up to 47

The quality of the research supervision or research assistant duty needs to be endorsed by the student's supervisor(s).

No preparation time is to be clocked in this assignment. The research assistnat duty should go beyond the scope of research project undertaken by the student to fulfil the requirement of the graduate programme.

Other developmental assignments (max.20%) 

up to 83up to 31up to 16Other assignments with development value approved by Associate Chair (Research)

Total Hours 



The Scholar is to note that:

1) The Scholar will not be paid any remuneration for the hours clocked under the Graduate Assistantship Programme.

2) The Scholar should work with the supervisor(s) on the plan to fulfil the required hours on a yearly (Academic Year) basis.

3) The duties can only be clocked for work done and deemed satisfactory by the University.

4) If the required hours are not met according to the annual plan or the quality of the work done is unsatisfactory, the faculty or school can reduce the stipend, or withhold, suspend and/or terminate the Scholarship.

5) If the total required hours are not met by the time the thesis is submitted for examination, the Scholar will have his/her transcript (both unofficial and official), student status letter, conferment letter and degree scroll (for graduating student) withheld until the fulfilment of the requirement.