ADM Research Areas

Southeast Asian Art, Design, and Media
This cluster examines the Southeast Asian region and its trans-territorial implications in the definition of the socio-cultural background of contextual visual art expressions.
Art, Design and Media Histories and Criticism
It focuses on the foundations of cultural and artistic practices. Through interdisciplinary theories and critical approaches, this area foregrounds the significance of the historical and cultural contexts in the study of creative practices.
Cultural Identity and Heritage
This area focuses on the representation of cultural identities in visual art, design, and media, while immersed in the power dynamics that define race, class, and gender. It also pays attention to the context in which visual arts and cultural products are created, the meaning of place, and art in the public and communal spaces, with emphasis on participation, democracy, ritual practices, and religion, among others.
Visual Art and Digital Humanities
This cluster analyses the creation, production, and reception of visual arts in the era of digital technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), digital streaming, interactive/participatory interface, and data science. 
Audiovisual Art
This area examines the theoretical and practical aspects of film, character animation, real-time 3D storytelling, motion capture, motion graphics, stop-motion, experimental filmmaking, data visualizations, art installation, VR film, and sound art. It highlights the all-encompassing nature of the visual image, sound, and cinematic expression in the construction of narratives and storytelling.
Design Studies
This area explores the dynamics of the various innovative design products , histories, and practices—whether autonomous or commissioned—, with a special focus on industry-oriented communication strategies.